Caspio Developer Account

Create prototypes, demos, and internal apps in a free developer account.

Account Resources
App users – Public or authenticated users of your apps Unlimited
DataPages – Number of app interfaces you can create 100
Features – All Business-level features included Details
Database storage – Storage for your records, files and apps 500 MB
Monthly data transfer – Ongoing usage of your apps and database 1 GB
Monthly auto-emails 500
Monthly DataHub Calls – Scheduled import/export tasks 100
Monthly API transactions 10,000
API profiles – Each with its own rights and privileges 1
Account logins – Number of people who can build apps simultaneously 1
Overages* – Resources utilized over reserved amount Details
Support – Access to Caspio Technical Support Forum Only

* If at any time your usage exceeds the allocated reserved resources, you will responsible for on-demand overage fees, otherwise the account will be suspended for remainder of the month.