Developer Program FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked about training, registration, and submitting applications for the Caspio Developer Network. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at

Do I need to register for Caspio training sessions?

While you are welcome to join our live interactive training sessions,  you can also watch pre-recorded video tutorials at your own convenience.

Do I need to sign up for a developer account if I already have an account?

No, you can submit your application from any existing Caspio account. If you don’t have an account yet, register for the program and a developer account will automatically be created.

Will my developer account expire?

If you are not certified within 2 months or have 1 month of account inactivity, your account will be disabled. Once you are certified, your developer account will be available for 1 year.

Can I use an app that I have already created that meets the certification criteria?

Yes, we encourage you to showcase your best work.

Is technical support available for developers while getting certified?

Yes, please email for any technical or certification questions.